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1 a riblike part of a plant or animal (such as a middle rib of a leaf or a thickened vein of an insect wing)
2 any of the 12 pairs of curved arches of bone extending from the spine to or toward the sternum in humans (and similar bones in most vertebrates) [syn: rib] [also: costae (pl)]

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From costa (cognate with coast).


(Latinate plural costae)
  1. (anatomy) A rib.
  2. (biology) A riblike part of a plant or animal, such as a middle rib of a leaf or a thickened vein or the margin of an insect wing.

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  1. coast
  2. slope
  3. rib
  4. the underside of an insect's wing

Usage notes

In the plural, costes can also refer to legal expenses.


see a costa de
  1. defn Catalan


  • IEC4}}



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Costa may refer to:

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  • Costas, a surname of Greek origin
  • The Costas, coastal holiday resorts of Spain
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